#TeKijkGezet – 2nd edition April-June

I would like to invite you to the second exhibition of Te Kijk Gezet till the end of May.

6 Koningsstraat, 1011 EV, Amsterdam.
Completely CORONA-PROOF, 24/7 and free.

This year I work together with my parents, Winfried Scholz and Alida Verheij, to create changing exhibitions in the Nieuwmarkt neighborhood of Amsterdam.
The artworks aim to motivate a visual communication about the theme of letting go.
We work with subject matter such as changing perceptions of identity, trauma’s and connections between generations.

You can follow our year long work process online via social media under #TeKijkGezet

The second edition artworks presented till the end of May are:

Etalage 6 Koningsstraat

Anders dan anderen
© Alida Verheij 2021

Alleen in het hoofd
Eenzaam in het lijf
Omgeven door somberheid
Dat is het gevoel als van een depressie
Alles is anders, voelt anders of voelt niets
Langzaam laat de depressie los
De cirkel gedachten verdwijnen
Het lichaam wordt warm
Langzaam komt vertrouwen
Laat alles los wat zwart is

In Passing @ Deptford X Festival, 24 Oct – 2 Nov

My newest short film In Passing is screening at this years Deptford X Fringe Festival!

Come and see it at DeliX, 156 Deptford High Street, London
Open daily from 9am – 6.30pm
24 October – 2 November 2019
Monday – Saturday

In Passing
A short film about navigating the invisible to connect.
Through movement and impossible camera angles we try to find
our way into the 24/7 world in which we start to lose connection 
with ourselves and others. How close can the digital age bring us together
and which borders do we cross? 

In Passing © ANNE• 2019