Te Kijk Gezet
7th edition
Take Flight
135 x 120 x 50 cm, acrylic sheet, Plexiglas, aluminium

Installation Anne Verheij

Take Flight
You are the one who makes the journey through the looking glass.
Take courage.

This work came into being by exploring pathways into letting go of generational trauma.

In collaboration with Winfried Scholz and Alida Verheij
This 7th edition of Te Kijk Gezet is the latest result of the ongoing conversation about letting go.

Exhibiting @ nr. 6 Koningsstraat, Amsterdam © ANNE• 2022


Cassie Kinoshi

Installation designer | cinematographer | editor
Anne Verheij

Experience echo, the new immersive film installation from long-time collaborators composer Cassie Kinoshi and visual artist Anne Verheij.
The installation is a sonic and visual exploration of our connection with ourselves and each other in London.

In collaboration with Kings Place London

echo © ANNE• and Cassie Kinoshi 2021

Te Kijk Gezet
4th edition
Tegen de Zwaartekracht
[Defying Gravity]

Gebakken Lucht – [Hot Air]

Spatial design | sculpture
Anne Verheij

In collaboration with Winfried Scholz and Alida Verheij

This 4th edition of Te Kijk Gezet is the latest result of the ongoing conversation about letting go, in which the artists research their family bond and age difference.
Defying Gravity is a spatial design by Anne in which she provides a third of the space for each artist to use. Visual layers are created by horizontal planes that both take and create space. An exciting relation between the works reveals itself by putting them in this framed context. The three artworks play with the recognition and denial of material, composition and expectations.

Exhibiting @ nr. 6 Koningsstraat, Amsterdam
© Alida Verheij, Winfried Scholz, ANNE• 2021

Te Kijk Gezet
1st edition
DUALITEIT – [Duality]

Spatial design | installation
Anne Verheij

In collaboration with Winfried Scholz and Alida Verheij

The coming year I work together with my parents, Winfried Scholz and Alida Verheij, to create changing exhibitions over the coming year 2021
The artworks try to establish a visual communication about the theme letting go. We work with subject matter such as changing perceptions of identity, trauma’s and connections between generations.

Exhibiting @ nr. 6 and 7-b Koningsstraat, Amsterdam
© Alida Verheij, Winfried Scholz, ANNE• 2021

LOESA, op reis met de herdersfamilie

Author | illustrator
Winfried Scholz

Graphic designer | editor
Anne Verheij

In collaboration with © Works by Winfried 2020

In Passing

Director | cinematographer | editor | narrator  Anne Verheij 

Movement | narrator Miku Tsuchiya


A short film about navigating the invisible to connect.
Through movement and impossible camera angles we try to find our way
into the 24/7 world in which we start to lose connection with ourselves and others.
How close can the digital age bring us together and which borders do we cross?

In Passing © ANNE• 2019

Dood Gewoon

Concept | spatial designer Anne Verheij

Initiator | concept | painter Alida Verheij

Sculpter | technical adviser Winfried Scholz


Dood Gewoon [Dead Simple]
A unique visualization of the theme death
3 artists, 2 generations, 1 installation
Experience the visual dialogue of this artist family’s conversation about death through the disciplines spatial design, sculpture, painting, and start your own conversation.

Dood Gewoon © ANNE• & AVWS-artworks 2018
Partners VOX-POP and Museum Tot Zover.
Sponsors PC Uitvaart, DEL’A, Fiction Factory, Everaert Advocaten, Eydenberg, AMT Group.


Concept| director | cinematographer Anne Verheij

Composer Cassie Kinoshi

Dancer Kathrin Gramelsberger


There is no guidebook on how to survive the agonising hurricane of pain
when you find your most intimate self betrayed.
Trapped between walls of pain, you try to fight your way out.

How much of the pain do you need in order to survive, what time do you get to test the truth of your expectations and how much do you let yourself be told of what is right?
In fight for breath, love balances us sharply on hopes blade.

Offset © ANNE• 2018

Iwa Pele 

Concept | dance Kathrin Gramelsberger

Dance Maarten Krielen

Video Anne Verheij

Composer Zino Ainsley

Iwa Pele – a visual dance research collaboration by Kathrin Gramelsberger
with Maarten Krielen and Anne Verheij

Iwa Pele is a concept from the Nigerian Yoruba religion and means balanced character.
In Iwa Pele three artists go in search of this balance.

Nigerian-German initiator and choreographer Kathrin Gramelsberger explores her mixed heritage.
Inspired by Orisha – deities of the Yoruba people, this visual dance performance combines video art, Nigerian celebration dances and contemporary dance in a distorted way to discuss tradition and identity creating new points of view.

Iwa Pele © Kathrin Gramelsberger ANNE• 2017


Concept | camera | montage: Anne Verheij

Performer Harriet Latham

Composer Cassie Kinoshi


We find ourselves uncomfortably close with a dancer on screen.
Are we allowed to possess her?

She becomes aware that she is no longer alone. On the verge of losing possession of her body she takes control, turning her attention to the camera and the audience behind it, encroaching on them like a predator stalking its prey.

Undercurrent © ANNE• 2017
Nominated for the Best Experimental Short Film Award 2018 by London Short Film Festival and Random Acts
Awarded Special Mention Award‘ for Film on Women at the International Open Film Festival

Do Not Tempt Me

Concept | dance Kathrin Gramelsberger

Concept | dance Maarten Krielen

Composer | musician Felix Hildenbrand

Scenography | film Anne Verheij


In DO NOT TEMPT ME we see three individuals trapped in each their own worlds.
Perfect worlds with perfect fits but… lonely.

Do Not Tempt Me © Bühnenbiest & ANNE• 2017


Concept | camera | montage Anne Verheij

Performance | montage Miku Tsuchiya

Composer Cassie Kinoshi


In ONES VANISHING POINT a woman is stuck under the surface of London’s brutalist architecture where echoes of mankind linger.
The inseparable relationship between the interior and exterior is put to the test in a fight of the natural body versus the manmade surroundings. Through strong movement and impossible angles the spectator starts to lose their sense of gravity, drifting closer to their own vanishing point.

ONES VANISHING POINT © ANNE• & Miku Tsuchiya 2017

Continuum Remains 

concept | performance | editing 
Harriet Latham

Camera Anne Verheij

Continuum Remains © Harriet Latham 2016

Amsterdam, stad uit mijn verhalen

Concept | choreography
Kathrin Gramelsberger

Film Anne Verheij

Music Felix Hildenbrand

Text Sjaan Flikweert

Acting Arthur Kneepkens

Amsterdam, stad uit mijn verhalen © Bühnenbiest & ANNE• 2016


Concept | film | montage Anne Verheij

Performance | montage Miku Tsuchiya

Sound design Jack Goodwin


[ 2 women, 2 countries, 2 disciplines, 1 film ]

ONES COUNTERPOINT depicts the inner voice of a haunted woman by crawling under her moving skin. The interior and exterior are brought together by the three elements of water, wind and earth.
As the lines between movement and manipulation blur, the woman’s calm facade cracks, revealing something dark and mysterious that makes its way to the surface.

In ONES COUNTERPOINT Anne Verheij (NL) and Miku Tsuchiya (Japan) cross the vast distance between the UK and Japan via internet to make their second diptych.
Their two individually created contemporary dance films, made from the same footage, are juxtaposed on a single screen where the soundtrack, especially created out of the field recordings they made in the UK and Japan, bring them together.

ONES COUNTERPOINT © ANNE• & MikuTsuchiya 2016


Concept | film Anne Verheij

Performance Miku Tsuchiya

Sound design Jack Goodwin


[ 2 women, 2 countries, 2 disciplines, 1 film ]
ONES is a collaboration between Dutch visual artist Anne Verheij and Japanese choreographer Miku Tsuchiya, in which film and dance are explored across the former pedestrian tunnels of Elephant & Castle.

Juxtaposing two dance films created from the same footage, ONES captures the individual’s rhythm beating amidst the pulse of the restless city.

ONES © ANNE• & Miku Tsuchiya 2015
Nominated for the Best Experimental Short Film Award at London Short Film Festival 2017 by the ICA.

Een stukje Nu

Concept | choreography
Kathrin Gramelsberger

Film Anne Verheij

Music Felix Hildenbrand

Text Sjaan Flikweert

Een stukje Nu © Bühnenbiest & ANNE• 2015


Cinematography | montage Anne Verheij

Sound Jack Goodwin

TEOKORUS © ANNE • & Jack Goodwin 2014

MA Graduation Laban 2014

Concept | film Anne Verheij

Sound Jack Goodwin

Performance Jelena Bubon


MA Graduation Laban 2014 © ANNE • 2014


Concept | film | scenography Anne Verheij

Sound Cassie Kinoshi


[ How might an intuitive painterly approach to film engender a spatial encounter? ]

On An Empty Stomach tells the tale of my hunger for the moving image. Whilst traveling between point A and point B, I have encountered many wondrous worlds of light, movement and abstraction; this made me forget all of my immediate surroundings,
the social etiquettes in public space and time whilst exploring the spaces in-between.
In this video installation I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery
by encountering the work as you move yourself from point A to point B. 



Concept | film | sound Anne Verheij


Kriebels in mijn bil

Concept | choreography Kathrin Gramelsberger

Directing Joyce Crawfurd

Costume Anne Verheij


Bühnenbiest Amsterdam, 2014

Eerste Keer

Choreography Wies Bloemen

Text Anouk Saleming

Music design Dennis van Tilburg

Set & light design Erik van Raalte

Costume Anne Verheij


Amsterdam Oktober 2013

The Vixens 

Concept | performance Kathrin Gramelsberger

Performance Petra van der Woning

Performance Rita Zipora

Costume Anne Verheij

Amsterdam, Paleis van de Weemoed, Februari 2013

Sneak Preview

Concept | choreography | dance Mouna Laroussi

Dance Roxanne Verwey

Movie Marieke Helmus

Set design Erik van Raalte

Costume Anne Verheij

Light Desirée van Gelderen

Sound Gérard van Kalmthout

Artistic advice Suzy Blok


Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 2012


Concept | choreography | dance Kathrin Grammelsberger

Dance Regilio Sedoc, Dayna Martinez Morales

Scenography Anne Verheij

Sound Daan de Vogel

Dramaturgy Suzy Blok


Amsterdam, Muiderpoorttheater, 2012


Choreografie | dans Kathrin Gramelsberger, Mouna Laroussi

Tekst Brian Kemble

Decor | Kostuum Anne Verheij

Muziek | Projectie Daan de Vogel

Dramaturgie Suzy Blok


Dansmakers, Amsterdam 2011

God Particles

Concept | performance Cat Smits

Scenografie Anne Verheij

Geluid Mark Bergwerff

Video Daphne Kerstens

Licht Sanne Himmelreich

Eind Regie Puck van Dijk

PopArts Festival Bellevue, Amsterdam 2011

God is een Toverbal

Concept Anne Verheij, Cat Smits, Bas Sligting

Performance Bas Sligting, Cat Smits

TRAILER rehearsal

Ostade Theater, Amsterdam 2010


Concept Cat Smits en Anne Verheij

Spel Cat Smits

Scenografie Anne Verheij

Geluid Mark Bergwerff


FRINGE Festival, Bellevue, Amsterdam 2010


Stage bij Sanne Danz

Regie Moniek Merkx

Theatergroep MAX, De Krakeling, Amsterdam 2009


Regie Pepijn Smit, PS|Theater

Spel Tijs Huys, Dieuwke Molenaar

Decor Anne Verheij

Kostuum Roos Smith

Licht Jose van Verbeek


Over ‘t IJ Festival, Amsterdam 2009

HartsTocht Festival – HZT

Stage bij Sanne Danz

Decor ‘Halverwege Omgedraaid’, ‘Nannies Only’, ‘Een (vooralsnog) schuchtere verhandeling over de angst voor genot’, ‘Slotstuk’

Tilburg 2009

Meneer Dinges

Regie Marcel Sijm

Spel Rob van de Meeberg, Martin van Dijk, Theun Plantinga, Victor Mentink

Decor Sandra van Egmond

Kostuum Anne Verheij

Songs Lars Boom


Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival, Amsterdam 2009

Alleen op de wereld

Regie Moniek Merkx

Spel Anne Fé de Boer, Jiska van Duin, Hiske Eriks, Djamila Landburg, Thomas    van Ouwerkerk

Decor | Kostuum Anne Verheij, Anke Gommers, Kim van der Zijde, Sandra van Egmond

Tweetakt Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht 2009

Dood Spoor

Concept Jos Nargy, Esmee Thomassen, Anne Verheij

Regie Anne Verheij


Utrecht 2009

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