ANNE • || Visual Artist

My name is Anne Verheij.

As a Visual Artist I create spatial installations and non-narrative abstract (dance) short films. In my works light plays my main character and the spectators of my work complete the image of the spatial designs (installations) in which I present my films.
Working primarily with dance and often employing improvisation in my process, I explore rhythm, movement and light to create dynamic multi screen video installations and short films.
My works have been shown in both Film, Dance and Contemporary Art festivals.
The film Undercurrent has won a ‘Special Mention Award‘ for Film on Women at the International Open Film Festival and ONES was nominated for the Best Experimental Short Film Award at London Short Film Festival 2017 by the ICA.

As a Scenographer I make visual concepts, set and costume designs for dance performances.

‘Directing visuals’ is my specialty.

Telling visual stories is my passion.

As an artist I create visual experiences with cinematic and theatric elements. I intend to play with the senses of the audience by means of visual and spatial composition to come to a physical experience that goes deeper then the rational thought. I display situations or spheres that mainly can be recognized or understood by means of feeling, as it is often hard to find a way to express them fully by words.

Directing visuals is my way of working.

One of my main inspirations is taking the time to acknowledge the rhythms and momentum that surround us in day-to-day situations and happenings. Zooming in on these moments, I try to catch the passion, duality and momentum to give the audience a new unique experience.
Taking the audience on a trip through my visual stories, I strive to make them forget their day-to-day slumbers and enter a world of curious wonder and exploration.


I greatly admire the work of Pina Bausch, Amal Har’el, Marina Abramovic, Beyoncé, Sascha Waltz, Peter Brook, Martin Creed, David Adjaye, Mark Rothko and Richard Serra.
To me the way they combine all the different elements of what makes a good work is inspiring and adventures.


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Explicit permission is required from copyright owner for inclusion anywhere outside of websites. With the exception of ‘official’ sharing buttons – reblogs and sharing on FB, etc. If in doubt please ask.

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