In Passing @ Japanese Avant-Garde and Experimental Film Festival: 2021 Bodies | 身体

Miku Tsuchiya and I are very excited to announce that In Passing is screening in the Barbican Cinema 1 as part of JAEFF: Bodies 2021 | 身体.
There will be an video introduction of the program by Michael Sakamoto and one by Miku and I on In Passing.

The programme brings together Chiaki Nagano and Takahiko Iimura’s collaborations with butoh pioneers Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Connecting these works to present-day conceptions of movement, society, and technology is In Passing. “

17 September 6.00pm
@ Barbican Cinema 1
The in-venue festival screenings are from 16 – 19 September at Barbican.

The festival goes online from
20 – 30 September 2021 [ UK only ]
@ Barbican’s Cinema on Demand platform

In Passing
A short film about navigating the invisible to connect.
Through movement and unexpected camera angles we try to find our way into the 24/7 world in which we start to lose connection with ourselves and others. How close can the digital age bring us together and which borders do we cross?

Miku Tsuchiya – dancer | narrator
Anne Verheij – director | cinematographer | editor | narrator
In Passing © ANNE• 2019
Friday 17 Sept, 6:00pm
Barbican, Cinema 1
This screening features a video introduction by Michael Sakamoto

The first of our two screenings celebrating butoh co-founders Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno through wildly inventive and highly surreal cinematic works.

Our bodies are in crisis! This programme brings together Chiaki Nagano and Takahiko Iimura’s collaborations with butoh pioneers Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. JAEFF attempts to define a dance style which defies definition. Beginning with the first entry in Nagano’s Mr O trilogy, viewers will be plunged headfirst into the grotesque absurdities of a form which seeks to “resist fixity”. The unforgettable imagery of Portrait of Mr O is complemented by Iimura’s “cinedance” recordings of Hijikata’s early 1960s performances. Both Anma and Rose Color Dance are efforts to film choreography and to choreograph film. 
Connecting these works to present-day conceptions of movement, society, and technology is Anne Verheij’s In Passing.

ANNE • goes Japanese

Last month Miku and I took our collaboration to the next boarder: Japan!

We have explored Japan’s city Tokyo and the rural environment of the Izu Peninsula through film and movement.

Whilst filming the theme of the individual versus the mass crept into our frame. Not only does Japan have millions of people living in just one city or travelling over the many highways and train tracks, it also has a great individual disconnect with its direct surroundings.
Dark subject matters as loneliness and the high suicide rate amongst the young generation made their appearance.
The beauty of Japan’s unplanned architectural compositions, however, gave us calligraphy lines to move and explore.

Miku and I are looking to deepen this movement research in a country that has so many beautiful contrasts.

So stay tuned for more exciting projects across borders @AnnePointNL

All photo’s by © ANNE• 2017