Sneak Preview 22 oktober in Theater Bellevue

SNEAK PREVIEW: Het begon allemaal in tram 7…

Dans-docu voorstelling van Mouna Laroussi in een gloed nieuw kostuum!

I’m sitting in the tram. She gets in and sits down right behind me. Why behind me? Is she doing something suspicious? I look at her reflection in the window and listen carefully. She speak Dutch… I wonder if those layers of clothing aren’t to warm. I look at my own bare arms, my skinny jeans and make-up. What will she think of me? Curiousity wins over my fear to examine my prejudices. Time to start the conversation: “Salaam Aleikum”.

Wees allemaal welkom op 22 oktober om 20:30uur te Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam

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Choreography: Mouna Laroussi | Dance: Mouna Laroussi, Roxane Verwey | Movie: Marieke Helmus | Set design: Erik van Raalte | Costume: Anne Verheij | Light: Desirée van Gelderen | Sound: Gérard van Kalmthout | Artistic advice: Suzy Blok



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